The scope of documents required when performing individual notarial activities in each case is determined individually by a Notary Public or an employee of the Chancellery, since it depends on the type of intended activity, legal status and facts of a particular case.

Each person taking part in the notary’s activities must have a valid identity document (identity card, passport or residence card).


In order to improve the process of determining the documents necessary to perform a notarial activity, the subject of which is real estate, the right of perpetual usufruct or cooperative ownership right to the premises, when contacting the Chancellery, it will be helpful to provide the mortgage register number, provide documents regarding the property or the right to the premises (e.g. extract land register, notary deed being the basis for the purchase, certificate from the Housing Cooperative regarding the right to the premises). Verification of the content of the land and mortgage register in the ICT system will allow the Notary Public to determine the scope of documents required to perform the activities.

If the entity involved in the notary’s operation is a legal person, in order to verify the data that the Notary is obliged to include in the notarial deed, it is necessary to provide the entry number in the National Court Register.

When preparing the draft of notarial deed, the Notary Public may use copies or scans of the required documents, which may be provided in person, by post or electronically, but their originals should be submitted no later than on the day of the activity.

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