The notary – In accordance with art. 79 of the Act of 14.02.1991 Law on Notarial Services [hereinafter: the “Act“] – performs the following notarial activities:

  1. prepares – if required by law or if such is the will of the parties the following agreements:
  • sales contracts, donations, the establishment of separate ownership of premises under the law on ownership of premises and the law on housing cooperatives, division of inheritance, life imprisonment, preliminary agreements, concerning in particular real estate, housing, cooperative ownership rights to premises or perpetual usufruct right;
  • conditional sales and transfer ownership contracts;
  • developer agreements;
  • establishment of separate ownership of real property, division of property, connecting of property;
  • marital property agreements;
  • property division agreements;
  • partnership agreements;
  • declaration on submission to enforcement under art. § 777 Code of Civil attorney;
  • declarations of submission to enforcement under an occasional / institutional lease agreement;
  • agreements / statements regarding mortgage establishment;
  • contracts / statements on the establishment of land and personal easements, or use,
  • wills, wills with ordinary entries, orders, wills with vindication records that can be – on the party’s request- registered in the Notary Register of Wills (NORT)
  • power of attorney;
  1. prepares acts of succession certification,
  2. takes actions regarding the European Succession Certificate
  3. undertakes activities related to the succession management of an enterprise of a natural person and with a temporary representative in the scope of the entrepreneur’s spouse’s participation in the enterprise, on the terms set out in the Act of 5 July 2018 about the succession management of an enterprise of a natural person and other facilities related to the succession of enterprises,
  4. Prepares certificates, that include:
  • witnessing the signature;
  • certification of true copies or extracts;
  • certification of dates of document’s presentation;
  • certification of residency in a given place;
  • issuing life certification;
  1. prepares protocols, including:
  • preparing minutes of meetings of shareholders, members of cooperatives, other legal entities, housing estates;
  • minutes of the meetings of shareholders of limited liability companies and own meetings of shareholders of joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships;
  • minutes of meetings of shareholders of other private companies;
  • inheritance protocols;
  • protocols on acceptance / rejection of inheritance;
  • protocols written at the request of the parties in order to ascertain events having legal effects, such as the appearance or absence of the parties, opening of the website, etc.;
  1. drafting protests of promissory notes and checks,
  2. accepts storing of documents, money, securities and data on an IT data storage referred to in the provisions on computerization of the activities of entities performing public tasks,
  3. preparing excerpts, copies and extracts from documents ,
  4. prepares upon the request of the parties, drafts of deeds, statements and other documents,
  5. prepares applications for entry in the mortgage register with documents constituting the basis for entry in the mortgage register,
  6. preparing other activities under separate provisions.


Notarial activities involving the credentials listed above in point 5 are carried out “immediately” without prior reservation. For other activities, please contact us (by phone or e-mail) to arrange a date and determine the scope of documents to be collected before proceeding.

Pursuant to the Act, a notary public performs notarial activities at the Notary’s Office, while notarial activities may also be carried out elsewhere, if it is in the nature of the activities or due to special circumstances.

Notarial activities are carried out in Polish. At the request of the party, the notary public may additionally undertake the activity in a foreign language, using assistance of a sworn translator.

Parties – in connection with the notary’s deed carried out at the Law Firm – are provided in person, by phone or electronically, free legal advice and comprehensive explanations.

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